Monday, February 16, 2009

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Thewphainarm School English Program (TSEP) Artwork said...

Rittee Tarugsa
Date: 10 sept, 2009

I do admit that Thawan Duchanee is the King of Modern Thai Art, and I mean it by heart. His works do influence me and inspire me in some ways. It's the composition and pattern that he puts together, which attracts the eye. After knowing him through my uncle since the age of 10, I know Thawan Duchanee to some certain degree.

I agree with everything he says in his saying above. However I disagree with the first sentence. " Do not seek for understanding, in the temple of mysterious. " Different people grew up in different backgrounds. Some people learn the hard way in life obstacles, and some people learn the easy way. Some people go directly to God when they are in hell.

Without this particular temple that I dedicate to, down to my bones, my mind will flicker and go astray. There is no other way, no other, place, no other temple, no other God, but the one I dedicate to. The sanskrit word for this is called " bhaktii"

There are Mexican Gang-bangers who escape from their hellish state of being by surrendering to God at the church of their heart. "Give your life to God" as they say in the true gangster movie, " Duke of Earl"

This is called bhaktii (in Thai = phakdee).
And in turn, bhaktii builds willpower.
Willpower is what an Artist needs.

In one situation, during the fall of 2007, I was drawing and sketching according to my artistic moods. I was actually drawing an abstract version of Pratuang Emjaroen. Dr. Thawan Duchanee was present right in front of me on the same table. Suddenly, he interrupts me and criticized my drawing, saying that " You will never get your drawing right, even if you draw Pratuang 100 times, unless you study anatomy." However, he did not stop me from drawing again. I finished the drawing in which I was very satisfied with. And that drawing actually meant a lot to me because it gave me insight to Pratuang's unknown illness of cancer, a few months before he found out about it. ( there is actually a mystical story behind this)

Anyways, it is willpower and Bhagavaan combined that keeps me doing art. And I am fully aware of Dr. Thawan's conscious-willpower with regards to mine, not to say that either one is much more than the other. Different people have their own capacity of willpower. But we should in no way block their path of faith.

....This comment is in no way to disrespect Dr. Thawan Duchanee nor to degrade his reputation, as he is like another Uncle to me.....

I judge my art according to my own satisfaction and do not compare mine to others. Nor, do I really believe in the competition of art.

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Thawan Duchanee, a national artist (1939 - 2014)

Thawan Duchanee, a national artist (1939 - 2014)
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